Press Release of the Day: Sen. Beagle aims to reform Ohio’s dog laws

* Somebody please Periscope Sen. Beagle’s dog-related press conference on Monday! | Update: “Barking up the wrong tree,” and more cracks from my Facebook friends and subscribers.

Catching up after a morning flight:
* John Robinson: “I believe I stayed [on as Greensboro News & Record editor] three years too long. Not because I lost my love for journalism or for newspapering. I lost my will to keep battling the alligators in a company that had a different vision than I.” (
* The end of journalism as a decent career? Hardly! (
* The White House Correspondents’ Association spent almost 60% of its revenue on scholarships in 2009, but just 26% in 2013. (
* #freejason pins will be distributed at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. (
* Shame on you, Cumulus Media’s WPRO! A Rhode Island reporter spends months trying to get the money he’s owed. (
* Miami of Ohio’s Miami Student retracts a feature story and apologizes. (
* Finding your radio voice apparently isn’t easy. (
* Howard Dean calls the press “one of the failed institutions in American democracy.” ( | Dean slams the New York Times, which is defended by reporter Jeremy Peters. (@morning_joe)
* JOBS: is looking for a personal finance reporter, or work in Indiana as a marketing/communications director. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Jon Stewart on Fox News’ “The Five”: “I think of it … as a shit taco.” (
* Journalism merges with theater at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. (