Tribune Publishing newspapers affected by power outage at Chicago printing plant

A power outage today at Tribune’s Freedom Center printing facility in Chicago affected email and content management systems at several – if not all – Tribune Publishing newspapers, including the Baltimore Sun. “Our content management system was out from about 1:30 until 5:30 pm,” one Tribune journalist tells me. “Email down as well.”

From: Help Desk, Tribtech
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 3:12 PM
Subject: Freedom Center Power Outage

Tribune Publishing Technology wanted to update you regarding a power outage today at the Freedom Center in Chicago beginning at approximately 12PM CT and disrupting the network connectivity of multiple Publishing business units.Unknown We are currently bringing all systems back online.

This issue originated due to a vendor working with our Building Engineering team to test the fire suppression system for our Freedom Center data center. As part of this testing, a fire safety interlock system was inadvertently triggered, causing power to be shut off to our Freedom Center data center.

Power has now been restored, and Technology teams are currently focused on restoring all technology infrastructure. We will also be working with our Building Engineering team to address the protocols impacting our technology infrastructure to ensure this issue doesn’t recur.

Tribune Publishing Technology

A Tribune Publishing employee in Chicago writes in an email: “I think the lesson of today’s power outage is how many work-arounds the web, because it really is a web, now gives journalists.

“Today, email, down? Look at your phone or log into the company’s online email interface.

“Editing system down? Our Boston bombing story goes instead straight into P2P and every news outlet can grab it instantly for its website.

“Company Internet is on the fritz? Er, how many other ways we can access the Internet?

“This had to cause major inconveniences for some of our colleagues. …But today’s toolbox is so full of redundant options that it takes a lot more than it did even a few years ago to cause more than a hiccup to a news organization.”