Morning Report for May 4, 2015

* Former Washington Post owner Don Graham blasts the Miami Herald’s “Higher-Ed Hustle” series. A staffer writes me: “Maybe he will buy the Herald just so he can start firing everybody.” (
mad* Anna Wintour: “I don’t watch ‘Mad Men.’ I can see that it’s wonderful, but it’s so depressing. Or ‘House of Cards.’ Everyone is so evil!” (
* A few tips from a Pulitzer juror, including: “White space matters” when putting together your entry. (Meg Heckman)
* Philadelphia Inquirer’s editor rejects the editorial board’s choice for mayor. “Owner Gerry Lenfest HATES unions,” a Philly journalist writes in an email, “and [the man endorsed by the editorial board] is seen as the most pro-union candidate.” (
* Golf writer Stephanie Wei gets a ridiculously harsh punishment for Periscoping a practice round. (
* [RIGHT] New York Times Magazine editor Jake Silverstein shows us next Sunday’s cover. (@jakesilverstein)
* Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller are the Martin and Lewis of this century? (
* The man behind Jack Flack explains his A. Spokesman comic. (
* Vice Media is expected to hit $1 billion in revenue this year. (
* A reader points out: “The Boston Herald forgot to put the paper’s own logo on the front page yesterday.”
* Why Circa didn’t make it. ( | Why The Onion keeps going. (
* Tech writers’ coverage of Dave Goldberg‘s death – they called it “unexpected” or “sudden” – brings on this kind of speculation. | Update: He collapsed after exercising, reports the New York Times.
* Murray Waas joins International Business Times as an investigative reporter. (
* Media prankster: “How could you not like Ric Ocasek, who gave us all hope that anyone can marry a supermodel!” (