Media critic: Star Tribune would be smart to let City Pages remain a true alt-weekly

After it was announced this morning that the Minneapolis Star Tribune is buying City Pages from Voice Media, veteran Twin Cities media writer David Brauer went on WCCO radio to discuss the deal. Here’s an excerpt, and an audio file of the conversation:

WCCO’s John Hines: “City Pages, according to Steve Yaeger, who is the VP from Star Tribune, says [the weekly] will retain its independent editorial voice. I thought the interesting comment was, ‘I expect it will continue what it deems important, including shining a light on other media from time to time.'”minn

David Brauer: “That’s good. I’m glad they’re saying that because, obviously they’re worried about jerks like me saying, ‘Now they’re going to go soft on the Star Tribune.’ …

“Now the question will be: what if you write something that’s true alt-weekly – something that the daily does not want printed about itself – maybe they use an F-word or two – is that really going to fly? We’ll see. Frankly, I think it would be a smart move if they improve City Pages and kept an alternative voice – that would be a very logical and smart thing to do. And [billionaire Star Tribune owner] Glen Taylor does have a reputation with the companies that he acquires about letting good management really manage.”