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Austin Beutner, publisher of Tribune Publishing’s Los Angeles Times, says the Times and U-T San Diego will remain separate brands and have their own newsrooms. They will share some editorial content, though, “when doing so can best serve readers.”

Do it: Tribune is considering bringing back the Union-Tribune name.

* Tribune Publishing buys U-T San Diego for $85 million (
* Doug Manchester bought the paper for $110 million in 2011 (
* U-T editor: “There will be some savings – which, unfortunately, is another way of saying layoffs” (
* “This big consolidation likely won’t be the last in the region” (

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That’s right!

- From the latest Mad River Union (Arcata, CA)

– From the latest Mad River Union (Arcata, CA)

* Hit-and-run in Trinidad (

– h/t Carrie Peyton Dahlberg

Susanne Althoff, who has edited Boston Globe Magazine since 2009, is leaving to teach in Emerson College’s Writing, Literature, and Publishing Department. The Globe editor’s memo:

From: McGrory, Brian
Date: Wed, May 6, 2015 at 2:58 PM
Subject: Susanne Althoff
To: [Boston Globe editorial staff]

It was probably two weeks ago when I was standing in Chris Chinlund’s office and said, “We could use five more Susanne Althoffs.” Susanne had just overseen another spectacular thick magazine,001RXMXXX0503F filled with meaningful stories and entertaining features, an issue that was also a boon to our bottom line. That not being enough, she then launched a two-part story on a young burn victim from Africa. That was being followed, this past Sunday, with a 70-page Globe Magazine featuring a fascinating profile of the previously little known billionaire Gerald Chan and a takeout on Boston’s memorably miserable winter. Game Changers comes next week.

Just another month in the professional life of Susanne and the magazine she has led for the past six years. Her team consistently produces some of the highest quality journalism to come out of the Globe, beautifully portrayed in print. And the magazine’s creativity and savvy in story selection, execution, and packaging have routinely led to massive readership online. Look no further than the feature on being poor at an Ivy League school, guaranteed to be one of the most read Globe stories of 2015./CONTINUES Read More

* Dallas Morning News editor Mike Wilson and Mark Cuban on newspapers (@mWilstory)
* Earlier newspaper-related blog posts from Mark Cuban (Google search)
* Cuban’s net worth is $3 billion – enough to buy a daily (Google search)

Uh-oh, Mark! Three wire stories on the front page of today’s DMN (

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* Greenville News covers Stephen Colbert‘s announcement that he’s taking care of $800,000 in public school teacher grant requests. (
* New York Times’ Sarah Maslin Nir on her nail salon probe: “It took me over nine months to get the Labor Department to give me information from their database …nails And the most shocking thing was how little they go into salons.” ( | More from the reporter: (
* No private offices at Facebook’s new headquarters, where employees “zoom around via skateboard and scooter.” (
* “Lapses in comma discipline are a creeping menace,” says Michael Miner. (
* Periscope has sports leagues in a panic. (
* “Deflategate” covers from the Boston Herald and Boston Globe. (
* “Southern Charm” star Shep Rose spends a few days at the Charleston Post and Courier. (
* A tough first quarter for Time Inc., with print revenue down 12%. ( | (
* Tampa Bay Times says its pension plan “had more than $105 million in assets, and that number was up $10 million in two years’ time.” (Google Drive)
* New York Times investor Carlos Slim lists his Fifth Avenue townhouse for $80 million. ( | Earlier: Rupert Murdoch is selling his Manhattan penthouse for $72 million. (
* Cable news networks will face bankruptcy “gradually and then suddenly.” (
* Mika rolls off the “Morning Joe” set over Piers Morgan‘s remarks. (
* Fired Las Vegas Review-Journal editor: “The beginning of the end came about a week after Harry Reid was re-elected.” (Thomas Mitchell)
* SPONSORED: Apply for a $5K/month McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism. (
* Huffington Post celebrates a decade online with a new look. (
* Keith J. Kelly: Huffington Post profits are still a mystery. (