Morning Report for May 14, 2015

* New York Times page one photo [below] explained: “Rich Docherty, who runs a photo blog called NYC Snapped, had been walking along Eighth Avenue looking for photo opportunities when he heard a ‘pop, pop, pop, pop.'” (
* Imagining the Times doing clickbait. (
* Lester Holt anchoring the news from a helicopter was “distracting” and “ridiculous.” (
* Carolyn Washburn is out as Cincinnati Enquirer executive editor. (
* Earlier: Washburn tells her staff they’re “getting slammed by readers on sloppy copy.” (
* Someone’s quite unhappy with ABC News PR: (@continetti) | (
* Several newspaper companies tell Ken Doctor the second quarter could be worse than the first. (
* Former U-T San Diego sportswriter Tim Sullivan on his old paper being sold to Tribune: “I am encouraged that the paper may be able to regain some of the credibility and trust it lost to heavy-handed and counterproductive leadership.” ( | Sullivan would consider returning to San Diego. (
* The Onion’s redesign adds infinite scrolling. (
* USA Today sports site FTW gets rid of infinite scrolling. (
* Ira Glass explains his much-discussed comment about public radio being ready for capitalism: “I did NOT mean that public radio should abandon its mission and shoot instead for ratings and profits.” (
* Paging Scripps National Speling Spelling Bee judge Dr. Dr. Jacques Bailly! (@malloriesullivn)