Morning Report for May 15, 2015

* Report: New York Times media columnist candidates include Times reporter Jonathan Mahler, NPR’s David Folkenflik, and Vanity Fair contributor Sarah Ellison. (
* Jack Shafer and Jonathan Chait on George Stephanopoulos‘ dumb donation. | Why isn’t the New York Post interested in the story? (@gabrielsherman)
* A memo distributed on Thursday said Digital First Media has had “a strong year.” Still, the newspaper chain laid off even more journalists this week. (
* James Risen on President Obama: “As I’ve said before, he is the greatest enemy of press freedom we’ve had since Richard Nixon.” (
* University of Pennsylvania administrators are unhappy with the student newspaper’s coverage of campus suicides. (
* No Verizon deal celebration for AOL editorial staffers. (
* Gannett CEO Gracia Martore sells 123,560 shares of her company’s stock and pockets $4,312,244. (Yes, everything is awesome!) (
* “NPR’s podcast ad income from the first five months of this fiscal year has outstripped its take in all of fiscal year 2014.” (
* JOBS: Cedar Rapids Gazette is looking for a news editor. An education news website seeks a video director. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Boston Globe editor Brian McGrory: “I just want our journalism to be read, and I don’t care if it’s on paper or on a desktop screen or on an iPhone or Android screen.” (
* The Globe says a ad meets its standards. (
* Three parties are bidding for the New York Daily News. (
* Meet the 78th class of Nieman Fellows. (
* Albany Business Review sues Capital Business Review over its name. (
* Gerald Loeb Award finalists have been announced. (