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New York Times: Wall Street Journal begins another round of job cuts.

From editor Gerard Baker’s memo:

We will be closing the Bahasa Indonesia website and a number of our bureaus in Europe and Asia will be reduced in size. The bureaus in Prague and Helsinki will be closed. We will reduce significantly the amount of output we do that generates relatively little traffic or subscribers. That means a sharp reduction in the number of non-core blogs we do.

In New York, we will be eliminating the small business group and the NY-based economics team to consolidate our US economics coverage in Washington DC. We will be scaling back significantly our personal finance team, though we will continue to provide high quality reporting and commentary on topics of personal financial interest to our readers.

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gunCharleston Courier and Post publisher P.J. Browning was in a meeting this morning when I called to ask about the ad. An advertising department manager who didn’t want to be named said, “It was just unfortunate timing. The ad had already been scheduled.” My question, which she couldn’t answer, was: Why didn’t the ad person who knew the ad was scheduled to run alert the pressroom after hearing about the shootings? (This has happened before.)

Update — Here’s the newspaper’s statement: “The front-page sticky note that was attached to some home delivery newspapers on the same day as this tragedy is a deeply regrettable coincidence. We apologize to those who were offended.”

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