Louisville Courier-Journal contest: Get social traffic and win an Apple Watch!

My tipster writes: “After repeatedly told website hits aren’t a competition between reporters in Louisville [at the Courier-Journal], here we have one. This email was sent out to reporters Tuesday afternoon. Entry was not voluntary.”

Hey everyone!

For those who missed yesterday’s meeting, welcome to The Courier-Journal local/mobile social media bracket challenge! If you’re getting this email, you’ve been entered.

You all will be competing in a tournament for the next five weeks, starting yesterday, for a chance to win a new Apple Watch, among some other cool prizes for second, third and fourth place.

Please find the bracket attached, this also is written on the big white board in the fun room./CONTINUES

Here are the rules.
1. The tournament was seeded based on number of Twitter followers per reporter or photographer

2. You advance to the next round by generating more local/mobile traffic from social referrers to courier-journal.com than your opponent for that week. (That’s ALL social traffic — not just Twitter — from local readers. The traffic does not have to come from your specific social account(s) – traffic from the main C-J Facebook page, friends’ pages, influencer pages, C-J twitter accounts, you get the picture.)

3. Each round will close at 11:59 p.m. on the Sunday of that week.

4. Reporters are scored on straight local/mobile aggregate page views to their work from social. Photographers will be scored on local/mobile VISITS to their work.

5. A $10 Starbucks gift card will be awarded each week to the top traffic drivers from each of the bracket’s four sections, with the overall weekly winner having the option to choose a $15 gift card to either Kroger or Thortons.

6. The overall winner will receive the Apple Watch. Second place will receive a pair of LG Bluetooth headphone/ear buds, third and fourth place will receive some other cool giftcards.

I have created an Omniture dashboard that has been shared to all of your accounts showing reporter local/mobile social inbound traffic, so you can check on scores any time you’d like. It also shows gallery traffic and video traffic, but not by photographer byline. (This will be calculated by taking those values and matching them with the shooter.) Those have to be calculated manually due to limitations in Omniture, as do byline numbers for Jason Frakes, due to the way we measure high school sports traffic on mobile, and Bailey Loosemore due to the way we measure Malt Madness on mobile.

A few tips:
1. Write stories that people will want to read and share! Look at your metrics and see what’s worked in the past. Updating something that did well previously is one idea

2. Just because sports guys have a ton of Twitter followers, does not necessarily mean they get the most social inbound traffic

3. Make sure your byline is filled in correctly on everything you produce

4. Spread the word on social! Broadcast your work and include a link to local influencers who may be apt to share it around. Creativity works

5. Write social-friendly headlines, but don’t giveaway the story

6. Do you have some timeless stories that could be simply resurfaced on social?

7. Take advantage of our social guru producers! They are really good when it comes to social strategies. Ask them for help and attend their sessions in the coming weeks

If you have any other questions, please ask and Good Luck.


Rob Gates
Audience Analyst