Daily Archives: May 16, 2016

Two Manchester (NH) police officers were treated and released after being shot on Friday. On Saturday, Manchester police spokesman Brian O’Keefe sent this to local journalists: Coveno-Amy2014-jpg-1


Ofc. Hardy will be home, but PLEASE respect his privacy and do not attempt to interview him or his family. He and Officer O’Connor made it clear that they would like space and do not want any media To knock on their door and ask about the shooting.

Again, they will not speak to the media, so please respect their wishes. This is an ordeal for all involved and they wish to be with family and remain private.

If they have a change of heart, maybe we can work on something with them and all media outlets and host a presser. In the meantime, thank you for your anticipated cooperation.


WMUR-TV anchor/reporter Amy Coveno responded three minutes later:

I would take it even further and inform media outlets who violate the request they will be barred from any access to your heroes.

Just my two cents.

FYI it’s a tv rating period .. Competition to break stories is HIGH this month.

Manchester police chief Enoch Willard wrote nine minutes later:

Thank you, Amy. Indeed, thus far several media outlets disregarded my request and infringed on the privacy of these officers by knocking on their doors and in one case on the bedroom window of an officers child.

Reporters knocked on doors to try to talk to people in the news? Oh my gosh! No access to heroes for them!

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