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Don Van Natta Jr. tweets: “Hey @RupertMurdoch: [Rebekah] Brooks didn’t just ‘save an old horse from the glue factory.’ She ‘saved’ a Scotland Yard horse (barely). Big difference.”

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Jonnie Marbles, the 27-year-old British comedian who threw a foam pie at Rupert Murdoch last July during a hearing into the phone hacking scandal, tells The Guardian: “After I was sentenced, I was advised, ‘Don’t tell them who you are and what you’ve done’ but I’d just been on the news and as I arrived on E wing, the prisoners shouted, ‘Pieman!’ I thought, ‘This isn’t going to be easy’ but people patted me on the back and shook my hand.”
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“I’m obsessed with Rupert’s tweets,” says CNN host and ex-Murdoch employee Piers Morgan. “My ultimate nightmare when I was an editor would’ve been Rupert on Twitter.” || Morgan on Keith Olbermann: “I love to wind him up. He’s just so easy to wind up, and that makes it delicious.”
* Piers Morgan’s 2012 resolution is to be more like Bill O’Reilly

That was someone else tweeting as Rupert Murdoch’s wife. Read what the imposter says about that.

Meanwhile, @Rupert Murdoch remains verified.